Stay Well on the Go
Natural drink mix for immune support.
Science backed with clean ingredients.
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Stay Well on the Go
Natural drink mix for immune support.
Science backed with clean ingredients.
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Stay Well on the Go
Natural drink mix for immune support.
Science backed with clean ingredients.
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Stay Well on the Go
Natural drink mix for immune support.
Science backed with clean ingredients.
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Stay Well on the Go
Natural drink mix for immune support.
Science backed with clean ingredients.
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Stop Settling for Sugary & Simple

A Gamechanger in Immune Health

  • blue science microscope

    Clinically Proven

    Prebiotics & postbiotics (BeniCaros®, IMMUSE™) backed by 35 clinical studies

  • triple action icon with shield for defend, sword for fight, and cycle for recover

    Triple Action

    Strengthens defenses, activates faster immune response, accelerates recovery*

  • blue plant based icon with two leaves

    Plant-Based Vitamins

    Our vitamins come from real foods, not a lab.

  • No Added Sugar

    We don't add sugar or artificial additives.

Innovative Blend of Ingredients

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  • blue microorganisms


  • red acerola fruit cherries

    Vitamin C
    (from acerola)

  • green algae

    Vitamin D
    (from algae)

  • sliced guava fruit with leaf attached on pink background

    (from guava leaf)

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    Science Backed

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    Plant Based

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    No Added Sugar

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    Gluten Free

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Well Traveled different?

Better Science: We use award-winning ingredients (BeniCaros® prebiotic, IMMUSE™ postbiotic) backed by 35 clinical studies that provide breakthrough results for immune and gut health. Read about our ingredients and science here.

Cleaner Ingredients: No added sugar. No artificial additives. Real vitamins from whole foods.

Who is it for? Only travelers?

Anyone, not just travelers, can benefit from the unique and powerful health benefits of Well Traveled.

Take Well Traveled to:

  • Kickstart your day
  • Enhance daily vitality
  • Conquer stressful weeks
  • Improve workout recovery
  • Thrive while traveling

Why should I take it?

  • To help avoid getting sick
  • To recover faster when you're already sick
  • To improve your overall immune & gut health

How do I take it?

One packet a day.
Mix with 8-16 oz of water and stir well.

Regular use (daily or 3-4x per week) will yield the best results for immune support and gut health.

If traveling: take 1 day before travel, every day during your trip, and 1 day after returning home.

We recommend taking in the morning for all-day support.

What benefits can I expect?

Regular use will result in a stronger immune system and healthier gut.*

Customers report:

  • Getting sick less often
  • Recovering faster when already sick
  • Feeling more energized
  • Feeling more alert and focused
  • Less digestive issues
  • Better overall health

Visit our FAQs page for answers to more commonly-asked questions.

Triple Action

  • white shield with blue cross in the middle


    Strengthens the body's natural defenses*

  • white sword


    Activates faster immune response*

  • white cycle


    Accelerates recovery*

Hear why customers love Well Traveled

  • female traveler smiling in Paris

    Brooke K.

    "I was amazed by how great I felt and how good it tasted!

    I will never travel without it."

  • man smiling outdoors with dog

    Sam V.

    "I switched from Airborne to Well Traveled. The result: more energy and acuity.

    Well Traveled is now part of my daily routine."

  • female flight attendant smiling

    Carleen S.

    "Well Traveled isn’t like other gross Vitamin C powders.

    It tastes good, keeps me healthy, and I actually look forward to enjoying it each day!"

  • male business traveler smiling in suit jacket

    Josh G.

    "I'm on the road every week for work. Lots of flights and nights in hotels.

    Well Traveled helps me stay on top of my game and not lose any days."

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Negative Effects of Travel

Billions of Germs

You encounter billions (!) of germs when you travel.

Every surface from tray tables to taxi seats to hotel doors is teeming with germs.

Infectious airborne particles can easily spread from person to person in close quarters. Planes pose particularly unique risks.

Here are some common bacteria and viruses that show up in surface and air samples at airports and on planes:
pseudomonas, stenotrophomonas, staphylococcus, E. coli, klebsiella, acinetobachter, propionibacteriaceae, and streptococcaceae, rhinovirus, and influenza virus.


Travel can be stressful, especially business travel. Stress weakens immune function.


Dehydration is common when traveling, especially when flying.

At just 10-20% humidity, an airplane cabin is drier than the Sahara desert! For every hour of flying, you lose 8 ounces of water. This leaves most people incredibly dehydrated.

At low humidity, skin and mucous membranes dry out, and flu viruses are both easier to catch and last longer.

Most people also forget to drink enough water when they're away from home.


If you've ever felt fatigued while traveling, there are many reasons for that.

While flying, you take in less oxygen due to the cabin pressure.

When traveling in vehicles, the constant sways, jerks, and jumps are taxing on the brain and muscles.

When traveling in general, you're also on higher alert of your surroundings which adds to mental exhaustion.

Digestive Issues

The fluctuating pressure, oxygen, and temperature in planes causes your stomach and intestines to expand.

Your body also has to work harder to circulate blood to the limbs in the face of high altitude and dry air, leading to digestive issues such as gas and bloating.

Poor Circulation

Sitting for extended periods of time in planes and cars slows blood flow through the arms and legs, increasing the risk of serious issues like blood clots.

Jet Lag

If you cross time zones, your circadian rhythm is disrupted, impacting your sleep, energy levels, focus, and mood.


Air travel exposes you to radiation because at high altitude, the air is thinner. Thinner air means fewer molecules to deflect incoming cosmic rays (radiation from outer space).

While the radiation dose rate at commercial airline flight altitude is ~0.003 mSV per hour (a very low dose), for regular travelers who fly tens of thousands of miles every year, that cumulative radiation exposure increases the risk of cancer later in life.

Disrupted Routines

Healthy diet, exercise, and sleep routines you've developed are harder to maintain when away from home.

Well Traveled counters these adverse effects by rehydrating you and strengthening your immune and gut health.